Formal education impact after Corona period

Formal education impact after Corona period

Similar to other sectors, the education sector has also undergone a surge of changes with the outbreak of COVID-19. Students are having insufficient opportunities for interactive learning during online classes. Tutors are struggling to prepare lots of video lecture and graphical representations of lessons as per requirement and upload it online. In this situation, eventually, a question will come to the mind, what will be the consequence if all such transition persits even during post corona period? 

If internet becomes the only medium for formal education, it will cast upon a ripple effect on the learner, educators as well as overall education system.

The probable impacts from my vision are:

  • Unequal access to education:

Many of the students living in the rural or hilly region may have network issues, for which they often miss class or cannot hear clearly what is being taught. Moreover, children lacking financial support from families for the installation of technical equipment or purchase of laptop or mobile, become deprived of the facilities of online class. This evidence that ‘equal access to education’ will become a myth.

  • Insufficient scopes for sports and physical Development:

The thrill for getting selected in school’s basketball team, the lively spirit for participating and winning inter school soccer competitors; all will become a history, if online become the only platform for education. No physical exercise classes will dilute the scopes for physical development of students.  

  • Inefficient Interaction with between tutor and students:

While ideating the impacts of online learning, I looked back to my own school days and realized there will be no more dance, music, or drama rehearsal, where mentors will interact with you and correct your mistakes. Again, it is also true that during the short span of live session teachers will get minimal time for interactive discussion, studying student’s learning behavior, cognitive development, ability to comprehend, ability to memorize student understanding or, identify whether they are unmindful or require counseling. With the installation of necessary electronic devices. On the other hand tutors are required to devise themselves with technical skills such as installing advanced equipments for video lectures, inculcating the skills of pictorial presentation of lessons online as per requirement, cope with computer-based paper-checking checking of test papers.

  • Chances of fair assessment diluted:

If all exams are going to occur online this will leave students with the chances of adopting unfair means or, making a different person with better knowledge to login from their user id and giving exams. Again, meritorious students who lack technological support for studying online may end up showing poor performance in online  tests.

  • Degradation of teaching quality:

Tutors may find it difficult to prepare online study material. Again, they may involve themselves more in the household duties and find less time to upgrade their technical skills. Again, in some cases schools may become ignorant of the technological funding to the teachers. This may demotivate teachers in maintaining or improving teaching qualities.

However, in a nutshell, Switching to online education system completely in post corona period may curb potency of conventional education system. It will be wise, if schools start providing training to students and tutors, to boost the effectiveness to some extent. 

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